Call For Papers

>> AVTOKYO 2014 CFP is now closed.

>> Thanks for all supportive submission!!!

What kind of theme?:

Any theme related to "Computer Security".

Length of talks?:

We are planning to have two types of session length.

Long (base 30min) or Short(base 10min).

How to submit CFP?:

Complete the information below to the address

"contact [at] avtokyo dØt org" by "30th September 2014(may close early time)"


Subject)AVTOKYO2014 CFP


Title: Presentation Title

Name: Name or Nickname

Time: Long/Short

*specific time length if you want to request.

Abstract: Abstract of Presentation

*PPT may be requested for further details.

Demo: Demonstration Available or Not

PC: Bring your own PC or Not (PC will be provided if necessary.)

Contact: E-mail Address (Phone etc..another contact information in addition if available.)

Remarks: Request for presentation environment(e.g. audio output),Off the Record..etc


Additional remarks & suggestions:

    • Free entry and free drinks for speakers :)

    • We will keep pre-registration slot for CFP submitters.

    • We don't have a plan to provide simultaneous interpretation. If you will speak in English ,we recommend you will consciously choose simple words in short sentence and speak slowly for Japanese audiences :)

  • *PPT with both EN/JP language text should be desirable. If you want us to translate, please provide your PPT earlier.

    • It will be very helpful to show the demo or code.

    • Please let us know at Remarks if you want the presentation is non-disclosed or off-record.