Call For Paper

Call For Paper of the first period has been closed on September 30.

Looking Forward your submission by October 15th!!

Papers and presentations are now being accepted for the AVTokyo 2009.

AVTOKYO2009 will be held October 31 at the Tokyo Culture Culture.

The Presentation will be short turbo session and few normal-length sessions. To apply for CFP, please send us the abstract of your presentations and possibly the presentation itself at contact [at] avtokyo [dot] org. If the presentation contains the demonstration, that would be wonderful.

We don't have the translations between any language. Since most of the audience are Japanese, if you do the presentation in English, you'd better speake slowly, and the presentation material contains images, demonstraions and codes, then it will help the audience to understand. This is our suggestgions.

The deadline of the CFP is the end of September at first, and October 15th at last. But if we have enough good material by then, we may close the CFP earlier. Thus, the earlier the better to submit your presentation abstract.

Looking forward your submission!


Call For Paper ended! Thanks.(2009/10/15)

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