Q: Is there any simultaneous interpretation available?

A: Very sorry, No simultaneous interpretation is available. We try to make the participation fee as low as possible, that is why. However, we try to prepare the both English/Japanese slides, so all Japanese and Foreigners should be able to understand. "no drink, no hack" includes our hope to overcome the language barrier and communicate more, with a bit of drink helps.

Q: I have a question for a speaker, but I worried he/she may not be able to understand my language.

A: We should have a couple of people who can speak both English/Japanese for a bit of help for you. Or some from the audience can speak Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, etc., so ask help when you need, or ask staff nearby.

<Disclosure Policy>

Q: Can I tweet about the talks?

A: Depends on the talks. If the speakers does not want to allow any recording including photo/video/audio etc., or does not want to allow broadcasting/twit/facebook/blog post etc., he will announce to the audience before his talk. In addition, we try to show the signboard with "NO RECORDING PLEASE" or "NON DISCLOSURE PLEASE" at the announcement to let everybody clearly understand it. Please pay attention to the announcement, and respect speakers.

Q: Will the presentation slides be available on the official site after the con?

A: Very sorry, most presentation slides are not gonna be available on the official site. Some may be gonna be available, but they should be a public version, not as same as he/she talks. Please understand we can not promise it at this moment...


Q: I forgot the ticket at home, can I enter?

A: Basically no one without a ticket can not enter, so you probably need to purchase a ticket onsite. We may be able to find your purchase record with your legal photo ID, but not 100% garanteed, so please don't forget your ticket.

Q: Can I carry-in any food and drinks?

A: Very sorry, no drinks and food are allowed to carry in...

Q: I'm a teenager...

A: Please bring your legal photo ID to identify your age at the registration. You get a special colored badge.

Q: I'm an Individual sponsor...

A: Please bring the [VIP PASS] to the registration desk, then they will give you the information of the VIP Party.

Q: I want to join the VIP Party, how can I?

A: Be an individual sponsor. Please ask the registration desk you want to be an indivicual sponsor and join the party. They will take care of it. However, please understand the seats at party is limited even we are preparing a big space.

<Drink & Food>

Q: Is there something to eat inside? Can I eat at the venue?

A: You can buy some food at the bar counter on 4th floor. Please enjoy some food in chatting space on 6th floor, or anywhere you like.

Q: How can I use a drink ticket? After that?

A: All participants get JPY500 valued free drink ticket at the registration desk. You order the drink at the counter and give them your free drink ticket. After that, all drinks are available on cash.

<Venue Space>

Q: Can I have an access to the power?

A: Not available, sorry.

Q: Can I access to the Internet via Wi-Fi available in the venue?

A: Not available, sorry. They don't have that capacity. Network is reserved for the different purpose, so I hope you will understand. In addition, we may have the Wi-Fi closed network for "eye-grep panel discussion" depending on how the panel goes.

Q: I found the Wi-Fi network to Internet, can I use it?

A: Please use it at your own risk with the common sense. We can not assure how safe they are.