To All Participants:


    • This year we will not be using Ustream for video streaming. Additionally, for the purpose of continuing these events; we ask all participants to please refrain from streaming this event unless express permission is granted.

    • There will be no electricity available within the event area. While WiFi will be available, we kindly request that you refrain from using it while speakers are presenting, due to the possibility of the network becoming overloaded.

    • Smoking within the event area is strictly prohibited. For those who wish to smoke during the event, there will be ashtrays provided outside of the building.

    • Some event floors are standing room only, seats will not be provided in most area in 3F/4F. However, you may bring your own folding small chairs, cushions or plastic sheets if you wish to sit on the ground.

    • (NEW)Black Hat gives us the "Black Card" that are good for one free entry to any Black Hat briefings. You may get it by lottery or participating the auction for Eastern Japan recovery.

    • (NEW)Call for Lighting talk! LT speaker has 5 minutes to talk. Translation of material have to be done by speakers. Interested? Please send "abstract, speaker bio" to "contact[at]avtokyo.org" with the "subject: LT". Due date is November 10th noon in Japan time.

    • (NEW)No drinks are allowed to carry in the venue.

    • (NEW)Some sessions are not allowed to take photos. They will be announced before session starts if not allowed.

    • (NEW)Bring your (Photo) ID at registration.