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1. HIVE by Emilio and bbr_bbq

We bring back HIVE for you to present and demonstrate security tools
This will give you the opportunity to share your work and gain feedback from the audience
Get ready for a full interactive demo!

// HIVE Rules
Tool Introduction (creator/contributor/expert)
Security Tools Demo (Open Source/Community)
Short (30min) or long (50min) session available
We will provide space with a monitor (HDMI/VGA)
Interactive with audiences (Q&A, feedback, opinion)
Drinking and talking is allowed (kanpai mandatory)
Free Stickers policy allowed!

// HIVE Submission

// Disclaimer
[Tools are required to be observed law in Japan ]
For instance, wireless hacking tools may conflict with Radio Act law in Japan.
If it is hard to judge, propriety of demonstration will be judged by review board.zzz.

2. Ghidra Workshop by Allsafe (pinksawtooth, tkmru, rn0ch4, er28-0652)

Which do you think is stronger, Shield or Spear?
We can show you how to use Ghidra to analyze vulnerabilities and malware.
After this workshop, you'll be able to use Ghidra like NSA agents.

Training Time: around 2 hours

- Introduction to Ghidra
- Can You BlueKeep A Secret? (Patch Analysis of BlueKeep)
- NSA vs NSA (Patch Analysis of MS17-010, and analysis of EternalBlue/DoublePulsar)

- Laptop with Ghidra (you can download it from https://ghidra-sre.org/)


Time : 16:00-17:00 and 17:30-18:30(120 min)

3. nao_sec tools by pinksawtooth, nomuken and kkrnt

Introduction of tools for security analyst developed by the security research team "nao_sec". In addition to a demonstration of the tool, you may be able to bihind-the-scenes story that off the record.

Time : 15:00-15:30(30 min)

4. Open xINT CTF by Team pinja

It's time to exercise your OSINT skills! Probe onsite/Internet/SNS for clues, gather the intel, follow the leads, until you find ""the answer"". Have you ever wanted to be James Bond? Well, here's your chance.

Eligible for: AVTOKYO attendees
Competition Time: throughout the event till 19:30
Registration: booth onsite (one-player game)
twitter: @pinja_xyz

5. Energy Drink Exchange by Team pinja

Let's exchange energy drinks! Bring one, and you can trade it with what we have on stock:
Ojo-sama Seisui, Awa-rise, some Akiba enegry drinks, and whatever exchanged by the attendees
RedBull and Monster Energy are not accepted. Something not sold in Japan, limited-time-only products, local items are welcome! Share your reviews on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. with #PinjaEnergyDrinkExchange
All the energy drinks collected will be presented to xINT CTF players after we announce the scores in the closing ceremony. First-come, first-served.

Competition Time: throughout the event till 19:30
Registration: booth onsite

6. Badge Hack(TBA) by Low Level Study


7. Hackerwares(Hardware Village)(TBA) by Hackerwares