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(Operated by Nifty)
ADDRESS: Zepp Tokyo 2F, Pallet Town 1-chome Aume, Koutouku, Tokyo, Japan
Direct Access from AOMI Station at YURIKAMOME LINE or  
5 minutes walk from TOKYO TELEPORT Station of RINKAI LINE
(Just Next to the Big Red Ferris Wheel)

(the text in Image Map will be modified soon)
How to get there by Photo Guidance (in Japanese)
 Approx. Time:
28min. from IKEBUKURO, 23min. from SHINJYUKU
17min. from SHIBUYA, 14min. from EBISU 
If you come from Shibuya, Shinjyuku, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Tokyo, it's faster to take the RINKAI LINE(JP).  However, the number of running trains are not so many via that line, thus please use the train search such as Jorudan or Hyperdia.

 If you come from Shinbashi or like to enjoy the view of Tokyo Ocean, YURIKAMOME LINE is for you.  If it's very very windy such as Taihoon is coming, the train may not run some times.

** If you get lost at the nearest station of the venue,
we'll try our best to assist you to bring you there **

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