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*This Time Table will be subject to chage without notices.
18:00-19:00 Registration
19:00-19:10 Opening
19:10-19:50 Internet Explorer exSpoilt Milk codes  Yosuke HASEGAWA
19:50-20:00 no-alnum x86 programming  id:TAKESAKO
20:00-20:10 Security fails of 2010
-Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it-
20:10-20:20  BREAK (10 min.)
20:20-21:00 Code Injection for Nintendo Wii  ChakYi &
21:00-21:10 Fixed-point observation of
 "Drive by Download attacks"
21:10-21:25  BREAK (15 min.)
21:25-21:40 Countermeasure against Information Leakage  AIDO & Manaka :p
21:40-22:20 "Attack side Story" in Cyber Spacee  Toshio NAWA
22:20-22:30 Closing