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Main Stage Timetable

**The information is subject to change.

14:50-15:00OPENING Greeting
15:00-15:30[ja]Let's name an APT group name!
(Akira Miyata(seraph))
15:30-15:40[ja]HTTPS trafic intercept on Windows 10
(Soya Aoyama(Ao))
15:40-16:10 [ja]Nmap's 9 of truth (I don't already have anything to say.)
16:10-16:40     Rest(NetworkTime)(30)
16:40-17:10[ja]Analyzing of malicious Java Script
(Kazuki Takada)
17:10-17:20[ja]Let's be a bug bounty hunter 2016
(Yuji Tounai(@yousukezan))
17:20-17:50[ja]House of Einherjar -- Yet Another Heap Exploitation Technique on GLIBC(AVTOKYO ed.)
17:50-18:20    Rest(NetworkTime)(30)
18:20-18:50 [ja]SWIFT Code for Mozilla Bank - Code Vulnerability Analysis of Firefox for iOS
(Muneaki Nishimura (Nishimunea))
18:50-19:20[ja]Game Hacking -- Is IL2CPP So Secure?
19:20-19:50[en]Advanced Mobile Devices Analysis using JTAG and Chip-off
(Captain Kelvin)

Event/WorkShop Timetable

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