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1. SMD Soldering Practice  by Captain Kelvin

This is a hand-on exercise on advanced soldering.  The participants will have a soldering board and a set of IC with 20 very very small LED for soldering challenge. They will learn how to create a simple lighting badge.

Duration: 13:00 - 18:00 (5 persons per hours, first come first serve)
Time Slot: 60min
Registration: booth onsite

2. HIVE 0xa  by Emilio

To celebrate AVTokyo 10 years, we welcome back HIVE 0xa!
Everyone loves watching a “demo”, full action power in real-time!
We bring back HIVE for you to present and demonstrate those really good tools and this year will expand to allow those Ninja-sensei level to show us all kinds of tricks for security tools!

// HIVE 0xa Rules
  • IT Security Related Tools (Open Source/Community)
  • Either tool owner or user Ninja-sensei level (please no shoshinsha)
  • Be ready for a short (30min) or long (50min) session, we will confirm after selection process
  • We will provide space with a monitor (let us know HDMI/VGA/DVI)
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Be prepared to interact with audiences (Q&A, feedback, opinion)
  • Drinking and talking is allowed (kanpai mandatory)
  • Got stickers to give? Bring them on

// HIVE 0xa Submission
  • Tool description
  • Name (real or nickname)
  • Contact Info (email)
  • Attach slice/presentation/video if you have
  • Prefer session length (short/long)
  • Language (if slice need translation Japanese/English let us know)
  • Any special requirements (switch/power adaptors/2 screens/etc)

3. Open xINT CTF by Team pinja

It's time to exercise your OSINT skills! Probe onsite/Internet/SNS for clues, gather the intel, follow the leads, until you find "the answer". Have you ever wanted to be James Bond? Well, here's your chance.

Eligible for: AVTOKYO attendees
Competition Time: throughout the event till 19:30
Registration: booth onsite (one-player game)

4. SEQCON: SEcurity Quiz CONtest

We will hold a Fastest Finger First quiz tournament about information security and computing issues!
We are waiting for the participation of people who are confident in security knowledge.

Competition Time: 14:00 - 17:00(TBU)
Registration close : 3rd Nov.
Number of max : 32 (we will select if it over)
Game Detail(URL) : TBU

5. TokyoHackerSpace

TokyoHackerSpace will teach how to build an Arduino on to a breadboard and sell the kit. Also we are planning one more kit.