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 Time  2F  3F  4F
 13:00 OPENING Greeting
 13:15 Chip & PIN is Definitely Broken: Protocol and Physical Analysis of EMV POS Devices
by Andrea Barisani & Daniele Bianco
  How can we safely use Facebook?
by Eiichi Moriya

 14:00 The Story Behind The Story of "Cyber Crime"
by Daiki Fukumori

Turbo Track (10-20 each.)
- tessy (CTF sutegoma2 Report)
- Marat Vyshegorodtsev (How to build a CTF dream team for dummies)
- Benny K. (Part1:Sleephacking: how to optimize your sleep for CTF games)
 14:45  BREAK

Panel 1: Anonymous and APT, How did we get this?
by Takuji Kitagawa & Masashi Negishi
 15:30 Android Phone Security
by Hideaki Kawabata
Turbo Track (10-20 each.)
- Benny K. & Itaru Kamiya (Part2:Hitchhikers' guide to honeypots)
- Yoshitaka Kato(Android Application Obfuscation)
- Yuichi HATTORI(Eidwinds)(Privacy in Sensor Data)
- wakatono(Differences of the TSC behavior between The Virtual Machine and The Real Machine)
- Ryan MacArthur(A Primer On Last Branch Recording)
 16:50-17:15 BREAK
- murachue (Backdoor found by "eye"grep)
- Kenji Aiko (Machine learning with "Moe")
- AIDO&Manaka (Drive Forward the Domestic Security)
 16:15 SQL Injection from Past to Now
by Orange
 17:00  BREAK

PANEL 1: An In Depth Discussion on Developers and Browsers
by Amachang & Hoshikuzu & Hasegawa
 17:30 APT DNA Clustering and Defense Kungfu
by Anthony LAI & Benson Wu & Birdman


 19:15  DJ TIME

 20:15  CLOSING Greeting
 20:30  END